How to issue electronic invoices in Saudi Arabia
Your comprehensive guide to issuing the first electronic invoice for your facility

Free e-invoices 

In this article, we will talk about the free electronic invoicing program and how you can open an account and register until the stage of issuing invoices smoothly.

1. Head to the free billing service provider obill:

2. Click on "Start Free"

then choose a package that suits your business. All packages are free for a limited time.

3. If Its your first time Click on "Don't have an account?" and enter your information or just log in.

4.Enter a link to be reserved for you (enter any English letters you remember) and enter a password and start now!!.

You have completed all the steps. You will receive a WhatsApp message and email with your login details for your obill e-invoicing system within minutes. If you encounter any problems, you can request support through the company's communication channels.

in the following video is system conf and issue ore free e-invoices

Administrator 21 May, 2024
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